Guilty Pleasure?

Star Citizen Ship Matrix

You only have to own one ship to take part in Star Citizen. You are not forced to buy more ships or to upgrade your current ship. The game is still in Alpha after all. For others, there comes a point in time when you feel that urge to either upgrade your starter ship or to add to it. Some Star Citizens can stop there and that is fine.
However, there are some Star Citizens who cannot suppress that urge to upgrade their ship or add to their current ship. It might be an ‘Anniversary Sale’ or a ‘Concept Sale’ that destroys their resolve or it may be that they want to cover other ‘jobs’ in the ‘verse and they realise their current ship just does not fit the bill and therefore they just have to have that shiny new ship. It can also be a mixture of them all.

Now some Star Citizens, who fall into this last category, may be in a relationship or they may not. For those in a relationship, there are some Star Citizens whose partners are also a Star Citizen, so nice and open about it. But…… there are some Star Citizens who start down that road of either not telling their partner about all their ship purchases or are economical with the truth about how much they have spent. Maybe it even came as a surprise to themselves!?

I got a shock one day when I received an email stating I had made ‘Concierge’. I! That crept up fast! After a few days I dared to tell my lovely wife and she was great about it. When I posted my story on the Star Citizen group on Facebook it became evident that not everyone is as open as I was.

For some owning ships can be sort of a guilty pleasure. My wife saw the post and said to me: “If all of these people who feel guilty about buying more and more ships on Star Citizen would just purchase one of my Steampunk Gems items for their partner every time they purchased a ship, that would make me a very happy lady.” Mind you, the stories that came back on my original post on Facebook were sometimes hilarious.

When you reach Concierge in Star Citizen, you get a free top hat and monocle in-game to wear (when there is a breathable atmosphere, obviously!). This got me thinking, that there is definitely a bit of a Steampunk vibe going on in the game. Especially if you add a long coat to the top hat and monocle, but also when you look at some of the locations, like Loreville on Hurston, with its steam coming from pipes and industrial surroundings galore.

So, if you would feel guilty about all the nice things you buy in Star Citizen and you think that it might be an idea to surprise your partner with something nice too, I would like to invite you to have a look at the beautiful handcrafted jewellery created by my wife on the sites of Gwendolyne’s Steampunk Gems


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